Monday, May 17, 2010

A few updates.

Here are a few things that have been done around the house in the past year or so but that haven't as yet made their way onto the blog.

Baseboard and trim around all the doors and windows. Finally!

This makes everything feel much tidier and complete. We used 3/4" poplar which feels substantial even with the small trim that we wanted. I like that the base and the trim are the same dimension. It feels to me like a cake decorator came over with a big pastry bag and iced their way along the floor and around the doors. Except in a nice clean machined sort of way. This doesn't really make any sense but that's how it feels to me.

Here is the trim around the widows in our bedroom. The windows are deep set in the stone wall.

After two prior attempts (grey, bright bright green) we found a color that we like for the spiral stairs. Forestwood! Thanks Sherwin Williams.

Also a large and lovely Evan Hecox screen print up there on the outside of the office wall. Thanks Sarah and Sarah's parents and Country Club Gallery!

The breakfast nook region is installed and painted and Junia, Momom and Popop eat their morning meals over here. Banana mush, Kashi CRUNCH and black coffee respectively. The table and chairs came with the kitchen cabinets and we re-covered the chairs with happy oil cloth left over from our happy wedding.

And this is the shower in the master bathroom. Pretty orange glass mosaic tile that Sarah tracked down with a really heavy frameless glass door. It feels funny to take a shower in something so cubic, it feels vaguely roman or like a very fancy and private YMCA. Hard to explain but it's a good feeling.

This is where we keep our shampoo and ivory and bodywash.