Friday, July 20, 2007

Floored again.

So here it is, our brand new floor!

It's hard in the pictures to see how smooth and finished feeling it is but trust me it's smooth and finished feeling.

It makes me very happy that we're at this stage. It means that the drain lines are finished, the bulk of the plumbing is finished, the bulk of the heating system is finished, the wall locations are all set, the posts are positioned and above all it feels clean clean clean!

It's just regular concrete but it has lots of color variation. I like that.

This is the texture. It's really smooth.

Sarah and I are going to celebrate by taking a few days off at the farm. Yay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are SOOOOO far behind in the remodeling of our house, it's encouraging to visit your site and see PROGRESS! Our church has a house that needs to be sold and most of his spare time has gone to helping that. You guys aren't living in the construction, are you? Enjoy the radiant heating, that will be GREAT!

--chris f.

Hi Sarah!

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Drew
Remeber Elin from Norway!! Just got a letter from your mother. Congratulations with getting married.. with your garageproject.. Mathias just saw your picure and he could-nt remeber having met you.. But he was only 3 at the time and now he's 14.. Hope all is well with you!!

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pleased to meet you, Butters.

It is fun to check in on you guys and hope you are both well, regardless of knee injuries!

We hope to bring the Colefam through your town next fall, we may ask to camp on that fabulous balcony. :)

Cousin Julie

12:16 PM  

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