Tuesday, July 03, 2007

No more trenches dirty looks.

Okay everybody come on back with me to the trenches.

After we put those drain pipes in we covered them up with dirt and put our potable water pipes down. They are made out of PEX (cross-linked-polyethylene) AKA "poor man's copper" (which also happens to be better than copper in almost every way). Blue is for cold and red is for hot.

Water to the bathroom.

Then those pipes got covered with gravel.

Then we cut some footers for the loft and for the forthcoming decorative i-beam.

Here's a nice summary picture of the PEX, some gravel and some footers.

We filled it all with concrete which brings us back to...

... SQAUARE ONE!!! *

* with drains, plumbing and footers


Blogger andyhunti said...

Very good. It's good you've got them covered in concrete. I once heard a plumber remark with a sharp intake of breath how someone went for plastic over copper and the rats just went straight through it. Eek.

3:51 AM  

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