Monday, May 21, 2007

Lots is happening.

Sorry for the weeks between posts. Oddly enough it's not for a lack of things getting done. I'm going to post the most recent developments over the next few days so get ready for some feverish updates.

Here's the first one:

We've been painting!

3/4 of a mile of trying to maintain a perfectly straight edge whilst 11 feet in the air atop a rolling scaffold. A challenge? Yes but Drew and Drew were ready to meet that challange. (Just to clarify: Drew is me and Drew is a friend of mine who shares my name and has been working with me)

Here are the results:

If you think back to the roof construction you'll remember that we insulated on the outside of the original structure which means that we can leave these lovely beams exposed.

This will be what we'll look at as we lie down on our green 9 foot long couch. (Couch post to follow at a later date)

The criss cross support member things look like fancy stitches to me. I like fancy stitches.

The original roof underside was built from reused wood in 1934. It's covered with color and history which I wanted to highlight. I polyurethaned it to bring out the details. The beams were then each carefully hand painted off white to reflect the light back down to where we can use it.

It all makes me very happy!