Monday, May 17, 2010

New (not really) Website.

Hi I updated my other website a good long time ago but never linked to it here. I thought I should do that:

Drew Allan Design


Blogger Erin said...

Hi Drew! I found your blog link on Apartment Therapy and clicked on it because I am an Ohio resident as well. (Columbus area)Also, because my husband and I have had our eyes on a gutted one room school house that is for sale close by. Even though we are not in a position to buy right now, I have laid in bed many nights daydreaming about re-vamping it. I think it's amazing what you and your wife have done. :) I especially LOVE the vanity sink! Congratulations as well on your beautiful tiny new addition to the family! Please feel free to stop by sometime and say hello at my new blog, The Wiferson Handbook. Blessings, Erin

6:24 PM  

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